infraWise LLC

There are many ways to be clever, but only one to be wise

A Digital Company

We not only embrace the cloud but we enjoy building it every day. Our company currently develops the most advanced ITSM solution in the Cloud, and help other organizations to build their digital being.

Global Vision

Our home is America, but our thinking is global: we operate in North and South America and Europe, and build solutions for different cultures, markets and of course, languages.

Problem Solvers

Our challenge is to turn problems into opportunities, find the most efficient solution to our customers’ needs and deliver brilliant solutions in the shape of elegant products.


Technology never stops, and so, we never stand still. We know that the key for survival in the digital age is to keep up with emerging technology and we live that motto by updating our products with the latest technologies available.

  • ITSM Products 100%
  • Service Management Solutions 80%
  • Software Development 60%
  • Project Management 50%

Our Story

infraWise is passionate about Information Technology. Over the years, we have gathered innovative ideas and concepts learned from experience and put them into practice. DMK was established by a team of industry experts who have nearly 60 years of combined experience in the service desk and asset management industries. DMK holds the marketing rights to the iWise IT Management products owned by the IRC/infraWise Group of Companies. These IT Management solutions, along with the iWise Centralized Asset Management Portal (CAMP), form a very powerful, all-inclusive asset management solution for your organization. DMK is a full-service company that maintains a staff of experienced professionals who provide installation, implementation, project management, modification, integration, process consulting, senior management overviews, and product training, as well as ongoing maintenance, support, and consulting services to customers. We are technicians, analysts, engineers, designers, students, and workers, but we are also parents, children, spouses, siblings, peers, and friends. We are human beings who give the best of us because we see each new project as a learning opportunity, a challenge to conquer, and a new chance to be better every day.