Enterprise Resources Management Solutions

Cost Savings

When you make your employees conscious of the ‘non-esssential’ spending they generate, there is a great chance to start managing resources in a more controlled way, thus realizing the potential to saving millions of dollars for unnecessary or inefficient consumption.

Unexpected Revenues

Allowing your employees, consultants and customers to use your corporate resources like phones, printers, copiers and Internet access could be a new source of revenue for your company. Don´t matter that’s not your core business, it’s a service you might already be offering without being paid for it.

Employee Performance

Many companies use timekeeping systems to track what their employees do during work time, but not many have access to other source of information of employee behavior. Knowing how much time they spend on the phone, browsing the Internet or printing unnecessary documents will help you to wisely manage a high performance team.

Help to save the planet

It’s not just a trend, is the new way to do business. We can help you to go ‘Green’ and help the Planet, saving resources that otherwise would be wasted unnecessarily.

Effective Technologies For Business Management

infraWise has built a set of tools designed to give you control of your telecom and printing/copier devices, effectively manage costs and reduce wasteful spending while giving you a way to control how your employees take advantage of critical corporate resources.

Through the infraWise set of applications, your company will have a powerful tool to control phone landlines, mobile devices, printers, copiers and other business resources and give your employees a way to identify detailed usage of such resources.
By utilizing our solutions, you can allow personal usage of phone lines, printers, copiers, etc., getting paid back for that usage.
This control will result in potential savings in your monthly bills, understanding on how your employees utilize their time and assigned resources and reduce the waste of paper and ink, because you care about our planet!

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

We understand that today’s way of doing business is changing dramatically. New trends like BYOD, Teleworking and eBusiness require companies to keep up by keeping information systems that help them to manage and control their resources.

iWise 8.1 allows your organization keep a comprehensive, accurate, and detailed inventory of IT, Telecommunications and Printing/Copier devices, assign them to the appropriate company cost centers, organization areas and employees and automates the tracking of their usage, identifies personal usage or usage by project, generates monthly invoices, applies business rules, creates trouble tickets and gets dozens of reports designed to help the management to make wise decisions.

How IT Works

Our expert consultants will build connectors to automatically gather all the detailed usage records from all the compatible devices you want to more effectively manage. We have created adapters for VoIP Switches, PBX and other landline systems, wireless carriers, printing servers, copiers and other devices. As long as they produce usage records, we can manage them.

iWise will receive usage data from all linked connectors and will make it available for your employees so they can begin identifying the detailed utilization data as being business or personal, relative to a specific project, belonging to certain cost center, etc.

From there, you can generate invoices for your employees, partners or customers, generate a wide range of canned management reports and usage statistics that will help you to take wise decisions on managing your enterprise resources.

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